HOISKO CLT’s values and objectives

We want to play an active part in developing Finnish wood construction and promote the versatile use of wood in all types of construction, while adhering to our values.

Domestic and environmentally friendly CLT is gaining ground in the industry

HOISKO CLT is one of the pioneers of CLT construction in Finland. The company’s first public building, the Laukaa Eco-School (2016), was a huge success. The school project was followed by projects such as the Wasa Innovation Centre, the Kuortane gymnasium, and hundreds of single-family houses. It has been a pleasure to observe how CLT has gained a foothold and built up a good reputation, especially in the public construction sector. CLT’s popularity in Finland has been boosted by state measures that promote wood construction and carbon neutrality, as well as indoor air problems in old buildings, which have become costly for many municipalities. There is a real will to avoid these problems in the future.

In the future, HOISKO’s goal is to focus on the international market, initially on the Nordic countries and the Baltic Sea region. The first steps have already been taken. It also seems clear that CLT houses are the future in Finland. One way or another, HOISKO intends to be involved in that development as well.

We do not compromise on our values

Our values are just like our products. They can be summed up in six words: competence, health, traceability, responsibility, passion, and safety.


At HOISKO, we base our unique expertise in gluing and wood processing on a long tradition, which our customers can rely on. We develop our operations and products through continuous research. All of our products and solutions are VTT-certified, which refers to technical product approval issued by Eurofins Expert Services.


HOISKO CLT is the only Finnish solid wood construction product to have been awarded the M1 symbol, which indicates a low-emission construction product. In practice, this means the cleanest possible indoor air in terms of structure. HOISKO CLT only uses environmentally friendly, odourless, allergy-free, and
formaldehyde-free polyurethane adhesives. HOISKO CLT’s highly-refined gluing technology guarantees the breathability of elements, so that the glue does not form a film between the wood material. A solid wood structure naturally balances fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Indoor humidity settles in the ideal range, between 30 and 55 per cent. It has been scientifically proven that wood has a positive impact on health and quality of life. It has been shown to relieve stress, soothe and provide a warm and cosy feeling.


All the wood we use comes from sustainable, well-managed Finnish forests. We can trace the origin of every tree we use to the planting site coordinates. Every tree we use is replaced with new seedlings.


Cross-laminated solid timber, or CLT, is a renewable and recyclable material that offers an environmentally friendly alternative for responsible builders. Wood absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and acts as a carbon sink, which plays a significant role in mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. All the wood we use comes from sustainable, well-managed Finnish forests. All leftover material from production is utilised and recycled.


We have a passion for building healthy, safe buildings; passion is what drives us to develop our operations. We want to reform the wood construction sector and take it to a new level: The possibilities of CLT elements for individual solutions are practically endless.


We want to deliver safe solutions. That is why our products are tested at VTT. Safety is a top priority in everything we do and throughout our entire supply chain.