HOISKO – your partner for CLT construction

HOISKO’s planning team is happy to provide you with help and advice on planning process of your building. CLT elements are planned with CAD software that provides 3D models for the entire building. The models provide information on features that require machining, and information on approved 3D models will go directly into our production system through CNC planning.

The cost of the project is determined in the planning phase. That is why it is extremely important that the planner is familiar with CLT construction and the opportunities it provides for simple and cost-efficient construction. CLT structures do not require complex fastenings or joints.

Our experts can help you achieve significant savings on your project.

The planning of CLT elements starts from the drawings

The element planning can be made based on the customer’s own construction drawings prepared by an architect or engineer. The production of CLT elements will start once the customer has approved all the element plans, including the plans for HVAC and electrical connections. Once the production process has started, no changes can be made.

The elements can usually be delivered after one month from the approval of the plans. The planning of the elements should be started as early as possible, as any delays in the planning phase will also affect the delivery time.

You can count on our expertise in the planning work and process management.