CLT-construction is a perfect solution for different spaces and needs

Cross-laminated massive wood as building material is suitable principally for all type of construction, where wood is used. CLT-construction is typically used as bearing structure, either with additional cladding or CLT as visible surface for example in detached houses or other private buildings. CLT is perfect building material also for apartment buildings and public buildings like schools, hospitals and sport halls. It suits very well also for infrastructure-construction for example bridges. CLT can be used also in cases, where an additional floor is needed to be added to exixting building.

The principle in HOISKO´s business idea is to be a part of a value chain. Our value chain means, that we here in Hoisko concentrate on the things we do best: that is the production of CLT slabs and elements. Through us you can still obtain a full service for your solution. Together with our partners HOISKO CLT elements are completed as beautiful detached houses as well as modern public construction units. For construction companies and architect offices we offer high-quality material and modern partner for Finnish CLT element manufacturing.