Construction companies

CLT-element of solid wood beats other building materials in many ways

During the installation phase, CLT-building is unparalleled in terms of cost-effectiveness. CLT-elements are easy to install and construction is fast. From a construction company´s point of view the fast installation time and ready surfaces of CLT-building mean, that construction company has possibilities to build more CLT-projects in a year compared to other building materials. CLT-construction is a great way to provide customers with the best possible service: healthy and safe construction and fast delivery times.

CLT-construction enables the fulfillment of apartment house or row house project with much faster time schedule. In addition to the saved time, many end users appreciate the environmental friendliness and the healthy living conditions of CLT-building.

We have many construction companies as our partners and resellers, specially  at our domestic market in Finland. We are constantly looking for new cooperation partners.

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The benefits of CLT-building

Construction is one of the best ways to use wood material. When you choose wood as the building material, you are simultaneously making many choices, which promote well-being and ecological aspects. Sustainable choices are more and more significant today and the traditional construction methods are constantly been challenged in terms of their carbon footprint.

This is what happens, when you choose HOISKO CLT -elements as construction material:

  • you promote healthy construction. Massive wood building has good and healthy indoor air. It is studied, that wooden material promotes health by reducing stress level and improving immune system and mood. Wood has additionally antibacterial qualities.
  • you build safely. Due to its cross-laminated structure the load-bearing capacity of CLT is in the same level as steel. We use C24-classified material in all layers. This ensures better load-bearing capacity also with openings like window- and doors openings. The fire resistance of CLT is good (it chars, but retains its carrying capacity. HOISKO CLT has CE-marking, which means that the external inspection authorities have controlled and approved our product. Our CLT has also been granted M1-classification, so we can be sure, that CLT does not discharge any odours or chemicals into the air. When the structure is built with single material, there is a lot smaller risk to encounter construction mistakes.
  • you save time and money. It is easy to install CLT-elements and the construction time is short. CLT-element is finished, single-material structure, which mostly just after the final surface-treatment is a ready wall, floor or roof structure. When you use edge-glued, massive wood CLT without extra insulation, the floor space which in usually taken by insulation is now saved for living. The elements are ready and pre-cut at the HOISKO CLT factory and can be lifted to their correct places one after another. This saves a lot of time at the building site, since there is no extra waiting time and the elements do not have to be stroraged for a long period at the site. Building made of CLT has a very long life cycle, from generation to the next.
  • you build saving the environment. Wood absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and acts as a carbon sink, which plays a significant role in mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. Wood is the world´s most environmentally friendly building material, which can also be recycled and reused.
  • you support responsible forestry. To the manufacturing of HOISKO CLT-elements we use only Finnish, PEFC-sertified raw material from sustainable managed forests in Finland.