Our story

The story of HOISKO

The company behind the HOISKO CLT brand, CLT Finland Oy, was established in 2015. CLT Finland Oy manufactures and processes CLT elements in Hoisko, Alajärvi, in the lake district of Southern Ostrobothnia. The company is owned by seven private and five corporate shareholders. Our shareholders represent Finland’s leading expertise in the field and create a value chain that ensures a cost-effective and high-quality CLT end product.

HOISKO’s shareholders and operational management have extensive expertise in business management, equipment operation, and gluing technology. They are also properly trained in the skills required by the business. The expertise is supported by the company’s Board of Directors.

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Jukka Peltokangas wrote to himself on 13 September 2013 after learning the surprising fact that CLT elements were not made in Finland, the land of forests. In Europe, it was a common building material. At that time, Peltokangas worked as a technology expert in the academic world. He knew the field and its key players. A network of informed experts began to form.

What followed was the start of CLT Finland Oy, or HOISKO, and also the manufacturing of Finnish CLT elements. Production started in the village of Hoisko, along the Finnish national road 16, in late 2016. The company is among the first of its kind in Finland. The investment was large and CLT technology was relatively unknown even among Finnish construction professionals. The investment therefore required a great deal of courage and open-mindedness from the entrepreneurs. However, they were driven by a strong belief in the product and extensive expertise in gluing wood, which stemmed from their background, work experience and long tradition in the area.

HOISKO CLT builds on a long tradition and strong know-how

The village where the HOISKO CLT elements are now manufactured has been at the forefront of the wood products industry for more than a hundred years: from the Hoiskonlahti sawmill, the Perälä planing mill and Finwood to Honkarakenne – and now HOISKO. Wood gluing was introduced at this site as early as the 1980s, when Finwood became the first company in Finland to start industrial production of laminated logs. Some of the current HOISKO employees have been involved in wood gluing business since then. We, if anyone, know how wood behaves and what the right conditions are for gluing it. It is easy to build on tradition.

HOISKO explores and develops

HOISKO’s team shares a passion for working together towards a common goal. Titles were not considered or printed on business cards. Everyone has the same desire and goal: the desire to create healthy houses and spaces where it is safe for people to live and work. We work towards this goal by listening to and respecting our customers. Research and testing are an integral part of our work, and we want to continuously develop our products and operations. Besides: CLT still has untapped potential, for example in the field of infrastructure and hybrid construction. Let’s explore our possibilities. That’s how it starts.