HOISKO CLT products have a warranty

From the date of purchase, we grant a five-year warranty on the CLT products we manufacture with certain requirements. The warranty covers the durability of the products to withstand stresses, which are caused by usual climate conditions, or the residential and operational use of the structures. Defective products delivered under warranty will be replaced by an equivalent number of error-free products in each case.

For the warranty to be valid, we require, among other things, that the products have been installed in accordance with the instructions, good construction practice and regulations. It is also required, that service manual made for the building is followed. It is good to save the documents of the building project. Our warranty does not cover damages caused by exceptional climatic conditions and natural phenomena. Also, our warranty does not cover damage caused by exceptional use of the structures/building or the natural living of the wood material. CLT is a natural material, so small cracks and other normal signs of living may occur in the massive wood elements. However, these do not affect the structural quality of the wood.


HOISKO CLT should be notified as soon possible, if a damage or an error is found. The owner of the building should notify HOISKO CLT in writing of the nature and extent of the error. After the damage report is received, we will carry out an inspection visit at an appropriate time, however as soon as possible. The cost of the inspection is borne by the party who is liable for the damage under our warranty conditions.