Proven quality and safety

In addition to certificates for standard-compliant construction products, HOISKO CLT also has certificates that guarantee compliance with responsibility and indoor air quality standards. These certificates assure our customers and partners that we use reliable, high-quality, and responsible material and demonstrate our commitment to continuous development and quality control.

M1 classification

Our products bear the M1 marking for low-emission material approved by the Building Information Foundation RTS sr. The M1 marking guarantees that a building made of HOISKO CLT has good indoor air quality. In order to reach good indoor air quality, air quality issues have been carefully taken into account at all stages of planning, construction and during the use of a building.

The final indoor air quality is a result of many things, interior building materials, among other factors. The emission classification of building materials imposes requirements for the materials used in normal work and living spaces in terms of good indoor air quality. The M1 marking is a type I eco-label.
The M1 marking indicates that HOISKO CLT has been tested in an independent laboratory and that it has met the requirements for M1 classification under standardised test conditions. The classification sets requirements for chemical emissions from materials into the indoor air. Read more about the M1 marking and its requirements on the Building Information Foundation’s website.

CE marking and product certificates

The CLT slabs and elements we manufacture have been awarded the CE marking for construction products. The CE marking indicates that the product has been tested and conforms to the declared performance. HOISKO CLT is certified according to the product standard ETA 18/0621 CPR.

Tested and certified fire protection

The fire protection used in our products has been tested and certified to meet the requirements of Euro class B-s1, d0. The HOISKO CLT elements treated with Nordtreat’s NT DECO fire retardant also meet the requirements of the M1 emission class for low-emission building material.
The testing was carried out by an independent research laboratory, the Forest and Wood Products Research and Development Institute in Latvia.

Raw material from PEFC-certified forests

The Finnish softwood used in the production of HOISKO CLT comes from PEFC-certified forests. The requirements for PEFC certification are related to the biodiversity, health, and maintenance as well as recreational use of forests. By using wood from PEFC-certified forests, we also commit to certain requirements for tracking certified wood raw material and wood products in the supply chain. These requirements ensure that wood raw material comes from certified forests. The issuance of the certificate requires an independent and professional inspection and verification that the management of the forest and the traceability of the timber comply with the international requirements of PEFC.