Public construction

CLT is cost-efficient and healthy choice for public construction

HOISKO CLT is ideal for public construction. The same challenges as in private building projects, are often encountered in public construction. Where to find cost-efficient, long-lasting, and healthy building material? Especially in schools, the healthy indoor air in buildings is the subject of constant debate. Many municipalities and cities are also actively considering the ecology of solutions. The answer to these challenges is simple: building made of CLT.

Healthy indoor air, ecological material

Wood is a renewable, active carbon sink and ecologically recyclable. Massive wood forms a wall structure that balances heat and humidity fluctuations naturally. The humidity of the indoor air is set in the optimal humidity range of 30–55 per cent. HOISKO CLT is glued using only environmentally friendly, odourless, and harmless, formaldehyde-free polyurethane adhesive, which is commonly used in laminated log construction, among other things.

Researched and high quality

HOISKO CLT is the only Finnish solid wood construction product to have been awarded the M1 symbol for a low-emission construction product. In practice, this means the cleanest possible indoor air in terms of structure. In addition, HOISKO’s professional gluing technology guarantees the breathability of the element, so that the glue does not form a film between the wood material. Our CLT product certifications indicate a high-quality and durable material that is suitable for all construction. The CLT slabs and elements we manufacture have been awarded the CE mark for a construction product. The CE marking indicates that the product has been tested and complies with the declared performance level. HOISKO CLT has certificates in accordance with the product standard VTT-C-12118-17, ETA 18/0621 CPR. The domestic softwood used in the manufacture of HOISKO CLT comes from PEFC-certified Finnish forests.

The wood environment has been shown to have positive impacts on health and quality of life; it has been found to relieve stress, soothe, and bring warmth and coziness. Also, for this reason wood is a suitable material, especially for school construction.

Fast installation, competitive price

When we consider the installation phase at site, CLT-building is very cost-efficient solution for builder. CLT-elements are easy to install, so the construction time is short. The maintenance costs are also small, since CLT-structures do not settle like for example log structures do. CLT-building has a very long life cycle. When the CLT-element arrives to the site, it is ready element without insulation and after the installation, one only needs to make the surface-treatment and CLT-element is ready wall, floor or roof structure. Edge-glued HOISKO CLT can be built without extra insulation structure, depending on the local building code, so the space which is traditionally used for extra insulation, can now be used for living. The CLT elements are pre-cut ready at the factory in Hoisko, so the builders can concentrate on the installation and lift each  element after another to its correct place. This saves a lot of time at the building site, there is no extra waiting time and the structures do not have to be storaged for a long period at the site.

CLT-school, care home or sport hall?

Ecological aspects and environmental conciousness in public investments is a part of EU-politics. Many municipalities have taken environmental issues into account in their long term strategies and goals are set for sustainable development, low carbon and environmantally friendly practices. Massive wood like CLT as building material is an excellent choice to support the achievement of these goals.

HOISKO CLT can be used widely in public construction, for example in:

  • schools, kindergartens and day care centers
  • apartment buildings and row houses
  • health-care centers and care homes
  • sport halls and arenas
  • infrastructural constructions like bridges or noise barriers