HOISKO manufactures cross-laminated timber elements, HOISKO CLT elements. HOISKO CLT is suitable for all types of construction where wood can be used. Houses made of HOISKO CLT are healthy and last from one generation to the next. HOISKO’s products and solutions are certified, which means that they are technical products approved by the Finnish authorities.

While we focus on the manufacturing of elements, we form a full-service network together with our partners. In addition to the elements, we can provide you with the experts you need at different stages of your construction project, from design to installation and finishing. However, if you only purchase the elements through us, you can turn to us at any stage: our experts are always at your disposal.

HOISKO CLT is the perfect material for building beautiful detached houses as well as modern public buildings. We offer high-quality material and modern Finnish CLT element manufacturing solutions for builders and designers.

What can be built using CLT?

HOISKO CLT’s applications include load-bearing structures with a visible or cladded surface that can be found, for example, in family homes and holiday homes, as well as in apartment buildings and public buildings such as schools, hospitals, and sports arenas. CLT can also be used in infrastructure construction, for example as a bridge structure or noise barrier. Complementary construction applications include the construction of additional floors to buildings.

The cross-laminated, tightly pressed layers of wood enable the final product to be manufactured with particular precision. The density and layered structure of the wood material make the product more fire-safe than traditional wood, as fire propagation and charring in these structures is slower than in wood. Even when charred, CLT retains its load-bearing capacity and does not collapse. The surface can even be treated to be non-flammable.

Cost-efficient, beautiful, and unique

CLT offers endless possibilities for individual and modern design, construction, and housing. It is a cost-effective material for all types of construction: the elements are quick to manufacture and assemble, which saves time and costs. The design and surface
finishes add to the uniqueness of each product, and wood brings comfort to the space.

HOISKO CLT – the benefits of cross-laminated timber

  • Cost-effective building material for all types of construction: large elements are quick to manufacture and assemble
  • Excellent thermal and moisture-balancing properties: enables
    non-insulated construction
  • High structural load-bearing capacity and stability
  • Tailored solutions and versatile application opportunities
  • Environmental friendliness and carbon neutrality
  • Proven positive effects on health and quality of life

We make full use of our raw materials, so there is no waste. For this reason, HOISKO CLT is an excellent choice for environmentally conscious builders. Any leftover material from door and window openings from element production are sold to downstream processors. The leftover material of individual boards used in the manufacture of CLT slabs are chopped and sold as firewood.