Detached house

The home of your dreams is built of CLT-elements

CLT-construction means, that the whole house is built of ready massive wood elements, including external and internal walls as well as other structures like middle floor structure. The structures are bearing. By choosing CLT as building material of your home, you can be sure that it is a healthy and comfortable choice for your family. Cross Laminated Timber is safe and environmentally friendly material. HOISKO CLT-massive wood elements are manufactured using Finnish spruce as raw material.

Cross-laminated massive wood is sturdy material, which lasts even earthquakes. Tight gluing process ensures the stability of the structure, since the together joined slab layers balance the normal living of the wood. In addition to that, CLT is fire-safe and breathing building material. CLT elements are fast to install, so the structures do not have to stay outside at the mercy of the weather for a long time.

Hoisko is certainly a safe choice

The glue used in HOISKO CLT is ecological, fragrance free and safe non-formaldehyde polyurethane, known from log house production. HOISKO CLT products have been approved by the Building Information Foundation RTS as belonging to emission class M1, as the only producer of massive wood building products in Finland. M1-label on the product tells that the product complies with the M1-criteria for low-emission and odour. The aim of the classification is to enhance the development and use of low-emission building materials and furniture.

Openings for HVAC and electrical drillings are carefully measured already at the production planning phase of CLT elements. Hoisko´s precise CNC-machining realises drillings and cuttings exactly according to production plans. It enables the use of the most modern HVAC and other technologies to be taken into consideration already at the production phase, saving money at the building site work.

The raw material of all HOISKO´s products come from sustainable Finnish forests and is traceable through the whole delivery chain until to its growing place. By demanding PEFC-certificate from all the suppliers of the wood, we can guarantee, that our raw material comes from sustainably managed forests. Approval for certification requires audit by an independent and qualified certifier to ensure that forest management, wood raw material sources and follow-up meet PEFC standards. HOISKO CLT is therefore an excellent choice for those, who want to know for sure, where their own home comes from.

Do you want to have a CLT-home?

If you want to build your own home from HOISKO CLT, you have two ways to proceed. You can choose the local companies you want to be the planner and builder of your home and tell them, that you want to use HOISKO CLT as a construction material. When the construction drawings are ready, send them to us, so that we can prepare an offer for you and after order we will start planning the CLT elements based on your construction drawings. Planning is a precise job: all details are planned with CAD software and used to complete 3D models of your house. There is no room for regulation during the construction phase, since the house will be built up from large, finished elements. You can rely on HOISKO’s planning skills and professionalism.

You can also directly contact us here in the HOISKO factory and we can discuss about your project further together. In case we have a local construction partner near you, we can forward you to them.