CLT elements are manufactured sustainably in Finland

HOISKO CLT elements are manufactured at our factory in Hoisko, Alajärvi. HOISKO’s edge-glued CLT is made by cross-gluing together a series of horizontal layers of timber boards until the desired thickness is achieved. The layered slabs are pressed into a compact solid wood slab element. The elements are then processed according to production drawings, and the openings, drillings and other pre-cuttings are done. At the final phase of production all the elements, which will remain visible at the ready surface will be perfected by sanding.

HOISKO CLT is glued using only environmentally friendly, odourless, and harmless, formaldehyde-free polyurethane adhesive, which is commonly used in laminated log construction, among other things. HOISKO CLT is the only Finnish solid wood construction product to have been awarded the M1 symbol for a low-emission construction product. HOISKO’s state-of-the-art gluing technology guarantees the breathability of the element: the glue does not form a film layer between the wood material.

Modern, automated production line

CLT production is based on project-specific orders. HOISKO CLT elements are manufactured in a controlled, dry indoor environment. Our factory uses the latest CLT production line technology in Finland, and the production quality control is very strict, performed by the official quality control authorities.

HOISKO CLT production line is widely automatized. Our production team is there to ensure and control all the phases of production, as well as quality. For example, to ensure successful gluing and the consistency in quality of the final product, we are required to control not only the quality of the sawn timber, but also the humidity and temperature of our production facilities. The humidity in the production facilities is controlled by an automated system.

Watch the video to see how HOISKO CLT elements are manufactured.