History was made in HOISKO

The production agreement between the Laukaa eco-school project and CLT Finland was confirmed yesterday, Wednesday, writes Johanna Heikkilä in Ilkka magazine. The order is HOISKO’s first public project, and corresponds to a production volume of about ten detached houses.

A joint school of three villages was built in Laukaa, which will follow the principle of ecology and sustainable development in all its activities, from energy supply to local food and transport and even pedagogical pioneering, explains Laukka municipality’s services Pekka Mikkonen in an article by Ilka. There is also a kindergarten on the premises. The people of Laukaa wanted a wooden school and stated that the HOISKO CLT solid wood element is the perfect material for an eco-school project, as the choice also aims to minimize the school’s carbon footprint. HOISKO is also pleased with the company’s core values ​​of health, safety and responsibility, which emphasize the Reference Object.